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Commercial business - planning/developing Contact
Company Name PROD CO., LTD.
Established Mar 18, 2004
Capital 10,000,000JPY
Services Commercial business/ Shopping Plaza(Shopping Mall)/ Combined shopping mall/
Consultancy services - new business projects /planning/management/others
Main Banks Mizuho Bank - Nakameguro branch
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi - UFJ - Nakameguro branch
Executives President Hiroyuki Tanaka
Executive Director Hiromichi Togari
Location Daini Ikura Bldg. 7F, 1-1-5, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo #153-0051, Japan
T E L +(81)-3-5720-5319 - international call
F A X +(81)-3-5720-5363 - international call
Main Connections Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
Kyokuto Securities Co., Ltd.
Shimizu Corporation
Mitsubishi Estate Co,. Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Co,. Ltd.
Network BRAIN ASSIST Corp.

Affiliate Company PROD-EX Co., Ltd.
Repuncle Co., Ltd.
We wanted to create a company with a few excellent employees that accurately reflect the management's intention, a company that provides high quality services. We created our company to fulfill these wishes.
Simply making plans for commercial facilities often results in stereotype designs. In order to bring to life a complex facility focused on style and liveliness, a mall whose value will be gradually and constantly enhanced as time passes, we must develop facilities that look ahead, beyond the simple opening of shops in the mall.

As a developer, good relationships with each tenant are treasured by us and the tenants, and our plans always emphasize joint developments between the tenants and the developer.
That is our first priority. Providing planning and operating instructions for outlet malls is one of our most important tasks. In addition, by promoting a variety of shop types, such as life style facilities or directly managed shops like Abercrombie & Fitch, we hope to expand the range of our consulting business for commercial facilities to include tasks, plans, and information that cannot be found anywhere else.

We want to be a company made up of ordinary decent people, but ones that have some really special qualities. Our corporation's field of activity is not limited to Japan. We will be happy if we can share our excitement with our customers, when a facility we have planned is completed and the developers and tenants express their deep satisfaction. Our corporate name, PROD, in English means among other things "stimulate, promote, stir uph and is also a computer-related term.

It means that members of our corporation should always feel stimulated, and should not become stereotyped or fallen into ordinary patterns of thought. Thus they will stimulate their environment, which might tend to become uniform and dull without such prodding.
Assigned to Shibuya PARCO Project Team.
1974 Transferred to PARCO Co., Ltd.
Was in charge of following sections :
administration human affairs/ secretary/ publicity/ property development/ opening stores.
Engaged in the opening of following stores :
Shibuya/ Sapporo/ Chiba/ Tsudanuma/ Gihu/ Ohita/ Sintokorozawa/ Kichijohji/ Matsumoto/ Kumamoto.
1987 Loaned to Across Ltd. as excecutive.
Executed the administration human affairs, the management planning, and the fashion business.
-project and negotiation for Japan development of Disney store and L.L.BEAN.
-baby Guess (U.S./child clothes), and project, design, making of millibar (Italy/ Malzot gentleman clothes) and of club Monaco (woman and Canada/gentleman clothes).
-original designed camera /production : Minolta Camera, and brand name : Prod.
1991 Assumed the position of manager at Kichijoji branch.
1994 Transferred to the consultation section of the commercial facilities and complexes, and store interior.
1995 Accomplished store interior business for Singapore PARCO in the local.
1996 Executed the business conditions change, the planning and tenant lease for NISHIZAWA department store in Nagasaki/Sasebo. - opened the Sasebo twinkle as specialty store building.
1997 Received an order of presentation and combined shopping plaza for JR Kyushu rails Company.
- opened the Nagasaki Amuplaza in September 2000.
1998 Resigned PARCO Co., Ltd.
Started providing consultations of commercial facilities and complexes.
Executed consultations, tenant lease, and the planning of commercial facilities on a shopping mall related to SUMITOMISYOUJI, EIDANTIKATETSU and MITSUBISHIJISYO.
1999 Received an order of consultations for "Premium outlet of Chelsea GCA (present Simon property group) " that was a leading outlet lace company in the United States, which was a joint concern of Mitsubishi Estate and Nissho-Iwai.
Executed the concept making, the zoning, and the leasing business.
Joined Chelsea Japan of the premium outlet management as a member for establishment and executed making plans of all business to opening as a person in charge.
2000 Opened the GOTEMBA premium outlet center.
Opened the RINKUU premium outlet as a second store in Japan, which located in the Rinkuu Town of opposing Kansai Airport in Osaka, and engaged as a person in charge at the headquarters after it was opened.
2002 Expanded the RINKUU Premium Outlet Mall.
Resigned Chelsea Japan Co., Ltd.
1983 Joined MIYUKIKEORI - at trade department.
1989 Joined PARCO.Co., Ltd.
-engaged the business of store operation and the redecorating business, etc. in Ikebukuro, Nagoya, Gifu, Sapporo, and Chiba's branches.
1997 Assumed the position of general manager at Sapporo branch.
1999 Assumed the position of general manager at Nagoya branch.
2002 Assumed the position of manager at headquarters.
2003 Assumed the position of general manager at Chiba Branch.
2005 Resigned PARCO Co., Ltd.