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Commercial business - planning/developing Contact
Our biggest advantage is that we can plan and create facilities from a multilateral viewpoint, because we know a whole lot about the real world of commercial facilities from all sides.
Another of our advantages is that we have the kind of experience with constructing facilities that allows us, as a developer, to get the most out of each branch of engineering. Because we respect both the position of the developer and the positions of tenants, we like to suggest business plans and promote the creation of commercial facilities that are appealing to even the casual visitor to the facilities.

Our basic approach to thinking

Thinking in a way that captures the viewpoint of consumers who are sophisticated enough to follow rapid lifestyle changes, we try create facilities that are flexible enough to respond to trend-by-trend lifestyle changes, and yet at the same time will serve and please their users for a long time. We do not want to limit ourselves to routine planning and development. We want to create enduring and long lasting facilities with sensitive designs, and that is why we use our highly regarded field engineering experience as the basis for the plans we develop for successful commercial sites. We see there is a triangular relationship among building owners, the building's tenants, and the developer. We see it as our job to keep this triangle in balance and to maintain the support and faith of all three of these. That is why we want to aim at creating unique facilities, rather than monotonous constructions. We have expanded our business range through our artful footwork and a mature network of resources. “Our basic goal is to create complex and interesting facilities, including outstanding commercial installations.” We intend to support the customer entirely in each aspect of development, from the selection of a site, to inviting business operators and investors, to arranging inspections and development, and on to leasing and support of the maintenance of the completed project. We do not just propose the construction of complex facilities as commercial ventures; we propose innovation and creativity. We enjoy an outstanding reputation and the appreciation of our results in the field of developing bargain outlet malls. We have also proposed and brought into being the most effective plans for developing commercial facilities and arcades in urban centers, making use of our extensive network of external specialists, such as architects, art designers, contractors, etc, and our good reputation lies in part on these achievements. Our wide and deep network has also been helpful in terms of developing projects within which famous brands from oversees were advancing into the Japanese market.
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We provide consistent oversight of all tasks, from planning, producing construction results, to leasing to tenants, and property management after construction is completed. Essentially, we can make a plan starting from zero, and we will promote the project in association with cooperating outside developers. We also make proposals and give advice to maintain the appropriate balance of the various elements involved in the development of commercial facilities, such as real estate, construction, and advertising to promote sales.
Unique then unified We create a plan based on market data. Analyzing market trends and the local infrastructure, we then propose a concept that has been examined from all sides, to enhance the value of the whole facility, and we study the MD (Management Domain) aspect.
A developer should be the partner of the tenants We select brand name marketers from inside and outside Japan that match the development concept, and negotiate with them to enter the facility. We want to propose combinations of tenants and developers that enhance the value received both by the tenants who participate and the developer.
The value that is gained after the grand opening is the ultimate goal We responsibly support the operation and management of the facility after it opens.
Project development – how it works:
1. We collect intentions from tenants if they are interested to open.
2. We work to help plan what areas to develop.
3. An exclusive agreement is contracted (to be executed only by us).
4. We collect information and data from our networks all over Japan.
5. We verify the availability of various properties and negotiate.
6. An agreement is contracted with the property owners.
7. We support all the construction work until the opening.
8. The facility opens. Satisfaction, all around.