Collaboration with Geo Marketing


Collaboration with Geo Marketing’s “gleasin” paid plan for store development leasing DX platform has been released.

May 2021

We provide know-how based on our experience and provide operational cooperation for the AI trade area analysis/store development/commercial facility leasing DX platform “gleasin,” independently developed by Geomarketing Co., Ltd., a trade area analysis consulting company using AI. We are doing. This time, the paid plan of this service (hereinafter referred to as the basic plan) has been officially released.

■Significantly reduce the time required for “sales activities” and “location decisions” in store development operations to accelerate store openings in commercial facilities

We support DX in store development by significantly reducing the time required for “sales activities” and “determining store openings” in store development.。

In the basic plan, you can evaluate the location of over 3,200 large-scale commercial facilities recorded in the “Resident Lifestyle Map Geodemo”, “Competitive / Benchmark Brand Aggregation / Map Display”, “Resident Population by Time Zone”, “Existing Location similarity measurement with stores” etc. are provided. By utilizing a wealth of commercial area and location indicators, it is possible to speedily carry out assessment surveys for deciding whether to open stores in commercial facilities and expanding the store network.

In addition, in the basic plan, the gleasin operation team will act on behalf of individual approaches to target commercial facilities, approaching commercial facilities that meet the conditions with pinpoint accuracy, greatly reducing initial sales and negotiation work.


We will continue to cooperate with the AI trade area analysis/store development leasing DX platform “gleasin”.