PROD International


“Customer attracting facility” including commercial facilities has been diversifying in Japan and also overseas. Time has come to when we need to change the way of thinking about various facilities themselves fundamentally. This major factor is a significant increase in foreign visitors to Japan. Unless you understand and respond to special added values that each country has, it can’t be recognized as a place or facility that foreign visitors to Japan want to visit over and over.

We experienced the diversification of added values through our inbound business in Japan, which was cultivated at PROD International Co., Ltd. In the future, we will further invigorate these changing Japanese markets and actively embody these changes as a business. We established “PROD International” based on our PROD group experiences to combine Japanese values in foreign countries with those in foreign countries.

Our major service is not only planning and developing overseas customer attracting facilities, but also supporting various Japanese and overseas to plan and lunch their businesses or brands into the international market.

We further unite the corporate strengths of our three group companies, will respond to the new era, realize unparalleled facilities with others, and aim to differentiate from existing facilities by our strong synergy.

* A word created by the Group with the meaning of “facility that customers want to visit”.

Company Profile

Company NamePROD International Co., Ltd.

EstablishmentJanuary 15, 2016

Capital3,000,000 JPY

BusinessProject planning of real estate development
Tenant leasing
Operation, marketing, and securitizing consultation regarding real estate
Sales channel development, and consultation for setting up a store,
interior work, and operation

Bank of AccountNorth Pacific Bank – Head Office

RepresentativeHiromichi Togari, President

AddressNakameguro ARKⅡ201, 1-11-15, Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

TEL(+81)3-5720-5319  FAX (+81)3-5720-5363