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The strongest advantages of PROD-EX are
that we know what a real job site is on a commercial facility and
that we plan and embody from a multilateral perspective.

approach of thinking

We have a user’s perspective responding to significant changes in lifestyle as our fundamental approach of thinking, and our goal is to create facilities which are worth of existence and achieve a function of elements related to daily life synergistically from all perspectives regarding lifestyle. After opening of a facility, we lead it to a valuable facility with our excellent field experiences.
We support a triangle balance of “customer”, “tenant”, and “developer”, build credibility from the three parties, and create “a unique facility, not a uniformed one” with our flexible thinking.

We expand
a business field of
commercial facility
development with
our footwork
and network.

We provide comprehensive support from land selection, approach to developers and investors, research, development produce, leasing, and operation for a development. We propose a compositive facility creation with our innovative angle.
We do real estate development service for specialty stores and overseas brands launching into the Japanese market, and plan complex facility development in city center. We receive high reputations

Work Flow

We provide a consistent work from planning,

producing development, tenant leasing,
up to property management after opening.

Basically we make a plan from the zero base and then work on team work with external networks and developers. We also accordingly propose and advise various necessary elements for commercial facility development such as real estate, construction, advertising, and sales promotion to improve a further value after opening


Unique, Not unified.

We make a plan based on market data. We analyze data such as market trend and area infrastructure, propose a well-considered concept from a multilateral perspective to improve a value of a whole facility, and examine merchandise.

2Tenant Leasing

Developers and tenants are partners.

We select domestic and overseas shops which fit a project concept and negotiate with them for leasing agreement. We propose the best matching to add value for both developers and tenants

3Property Management

Value improvement
after opening

We do property management accountably with our basic philosophy “Value-up Management”

New store development

Based on the merchandise plan for the commercial facility, we develop a new store which isn’t different from the other tenants, and also find who operates it

Inbound strategy

We consolidate welcoming framework and do promotion for overseas tourists who are crucial targets for commercial facilities.

Retail Real Estate Development

We provide a consistent work from analyzing where to open, searching retail real estates, to opening support according to each brand and merchandise features.


We get out about
target areas and store areas


We develop a target area plan
based on the hearing results.


We collect site information
through our nationwide networks.


We validate sites, negotiate,
and support to enter into a lease with
a site owner.


We support various tasks
until opening.


We support staff training
after opening.

Overseas expansion support

  • Overseas expansion support for Japanese brands
  • Japan expansion support for overseas brands