The first company-operated “Snow Peak SAPPORO FACTORY“ store in Hokkaido opened.

May 28, 2021

PROD-EX attracted the first company-operated “Snow Peak SAPPORO FACTORY“ store in Hokkaido to a large-scale shopping mall in Sapporo city, and it opened in May 28.

Based on the wishes of Snow Peak, who wanted a commercial environment with an outdoor base where outdoor events could be held, rather than simply opening a store, we made proposals and adjustments that were optimal for both the commercial facility and Snow Peak. and reached an agreement to open a new store.

During the period from the proposal of a specific store location to the opening of the store, repeated discussions with the facility and the person in charge of Snow Peak, such as whether it is possible to hold regular events in the outdoor plaza inside the commercial facility, which Snow Peak desires. and made adjustments.

As a result of these discussions, we were able to connect to the opening of the “Snow Peak SAPPORO FACTORY” store, which will provide new value to visiting customers through “things” as a base for outdoor play that is seamlessly connected to nature.

We correctly understand the brand direction and thinking of both commercial facilities and tenants, and propose an environment that enhances brand value. In addition, during the period from the store opening agreement to the opening of the store, we also provide support to realize a business format and product lineup that will lead to more results. The feature of our tenant leasing business is that we promote a consistent tenant attraction business from planning proposals, store opening negotiations, and store openings.

Going forward, we will continue to promote tenant leasing services and operation management services that enhance the brand value of both commercial facilities and tenants.