Lihpao Outlet Mall opens the phase 2 area! It’s the biggest outlet mall in central Taiwan.

January 18, 2020

Lihpao Outlet Mall opened their Phase 2 area, we cooperated to plan, on January 18th, and it became the biggest outlet mall in central Taiwan.
It is located in the Taiwan’s biggest resort park “Lihpao Land” with theme park, water park, hotel, racing circuit, and the highest Ferris wheel in Taiwan. Their Phase 1 opened on January 15, 2017, and the total number of stores with Phase 2 is 260 which made it the biggest outlet mall in central Taiwan.

■Entertainment Outlet Mall in resort

We have believed that Lihpao park resort would be the strongest entertainment facility in Taiwan, and have been cooperating with this development project since 2015. For Phase 1, we planned “Hokkaido Ramenkan”, and brought Hokkaido ramen specialty shops from Hokkaido. For Phase 2, we invited many tenants to enjoy resort shopping with parents and children including Taiwan’s famous wooden toy brand “Wooderful life” with an indoor play park. Some stores started trial operations on December 25 last year, and SHOW TIME, a cinema complex with 10 screens, was opened, and the largest resort-type entertainment outlet mall in central Taiwan was born on January 18th.

■Lake-side resort is a design concept of the environment design.

“Water” is indispensable to lifestyles. We considered it as an important theme for facilities that are visited by many customers, and created a large pond and creeks inside the facility. That created a space that never existed in Taiwan.
“Green Plaza” with lawn spreading and “Lakeside Plaza” with a beautiful fountain are bounded by a creek, and there are “Galleria Mall” with a glass roof inspired by Galleria in Milan, Italy and an indoor-type mall “Casa Mall” arranged on the left and right of the creek with two different environments.
It is the only one resort-type entertainment outlet mall in Taiwan where you can enjoy comfortable shopping and entertainment while feeling the nature without being affected by the weather.