Leasing of “kit_ano_ace”, a new brand of Kitano Ace

Date June 2021

AddressSapporo, Hokkaido

We grasped the needs of Kitano Ace to open a store in a new business format, proposed the optimal environment for the expression of the brand in the new business format, and reached an agreement to open the store. From the time we agreed to open the store to the opening of the store, in order to create a business format that better matches the customers of the commercial facility, we involved the commercial facility operators and held numerous pre-opening meetings.

We correctly understand the brand direction and thinking of both commercial facilities and tenants, and propose an environment that enhances brand value. During the period from agreement to store opening to store opening, we provide support to realize a business format and product lineup that will produce more results.

The feature of our tenant leasing business is that we promote a consistent tenant attraction business from planning to store opening negotiations and store opening.

We will continue to promote tenant leasing business and operation management business that will enhance the brand value of both commercial facilities and tenants.

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