Leasing of “snow peak” in Sapporo

DateMay 2022

PlaceSapporo, Hokkaido

Based on snow peak’s wishes for a commercial environment with an outdoor base where they can hold outdoor events, we made proposals and adjustments that were optimal for both the commercial facility and snow peak, and decided to open a store at Sapporo Factory. We have come to an agreement.

From the proposal of a specific location to the opening of the store, we repeatedly held various discussions with the facility and snow peak representatives, including whether to hold events in the outdoor plaza within the facility that they had requested. , we have made many adjustments. As a result of the discussions, we hope to open the snow peak SAPPORO FACTORY store, which will serve as a base for outdoor play that seamlessly connects with nature, providing new value to visitors through products and experiences. is completed.

We correctly understand the brand direction and mindset of both commercial facilities and tenants, and propose environments that enhance brand value. In addition, during the period from the time a store opening is agreed until the store opens, we provide support to help you realize a business format and product lineup that will lead to more results.
A feature of our tenant leasing business is that we promote an integrated tenant attraction service that includes planning proposals, store opening negotiations, and store openings.

We continue to promote tenant leasing and operation management services that enhance the brand value of both commercial facilities and tenants.

snow peak officail HP https://www.snowpeak.co.jp/