Renewal support of “Pivot Cross”

DateJune 2023

PlaceSapporo, Hokkaido

We have successfully opened its new facility “Pivo Cross”, which was entrusted with renewal planning support work (including environmental design design and tenant leasing) on Thursday, June 8, 2023.

Since 2021, we have been entrusted with the tenant leasing business of the commercial facility “Pivo”, which was born in the Sapporo Odori area in 1995 and sadly closed in May this year due to the reconstruction of the building. We consulted with us about the plan to renovate the facility into a new facility that will play a role in both disseminating information and revitalizing the surrounding area, and we have decided to undertake this renewal support work.

This time, as a support work for specific renewal plans, we were in charge of the overall plan of the facility (facility concept, MD plan, layout plan), environmental design design, and tenant leasing, and we were able to attract apparel, fashion goods, sports, and beauty-related stores, including tenants including those who opened stores for the first time in the area.
One of the characteristics of our company is that we do not simply fill vacant lots, but also focus on relationships and purchases with each tenant who lives with us, and we provide leasing that brings optimal synergy and maximization of sales to commercial facilities. Kamikawa County), etc., we have been able to attract more than 200 tenants and achieve a track record of improving sales by about 130~150% at each facility.

Currently, we are receiving consultations on planning, leasing, and operation management of commercial facilities not only from all over the country, but in the future, we will actively work to increase the value of commercial facilities regardless of the area.

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