PROD supported the Taiwan’s No.1 tea specialty shop “KOI Thé” to open in Ikebukuro, Tokyo!!

December 2019

PROD has been supporting the Taiwan’s No. 1 tea specialty store “KOI Thé” to develop their retail store in Japan, and they opened their first store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on December 13. “50 Lan”, the original brand of KOI Thé, operates more than 500 stores in Taiwan and their international brand KOI Thé in 13 countries including China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and New York etc. They operate eight shops in Japan, and their latest one is the one in a shopping center called Sunshine City Alpa in Ikebukuro.
KOI Thé’s bubble milk tea has become very popular around the world because of carefully selected Taiwanese tea leaves and their original “Golden Tapioca”.
We have developed a network in planning, leasing, and operating commercial facility in Taiwan, and entrusted a store development business of “50 Lan” (KOI Thé in overseas) known as a famous bubble tea store among Taiwan’s famous food cultures known for its variety.

■Overseas Development Support Business

Prod Group has been working to increase value of commercial complexes by performing integrated operations of planning, development, operation, and management for them. In the future, we will actively work on business support to develop overseas items/brands in Japan and Japanese items/brands to overseas smoothly in cooperation with manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

■About “KOI Thé” (“50 Lan”)

50 Lan operates about 700 stores in Taiwan, and is the most popular drink shop loved by tourists around the world. They use raw materials concerned thoroughly with from Taiwan, such as only high quality tea leaves grown and selected carefully in Taiwan, and “Golden Tapioca” specialty tapioca uncolored completely.
Bubble milk tea, which is shaken by a tea master after receiving an order, is widely accepted by customers as a gem that you can enjoy the mellow aroma and sweetness of tea leaves and the real, elastic and chewy tapioca .
“KOI Thé” is a brand that was newly branded to spread the deliciousness cultivated in Taiwan widely overseas. Since opening its first store in Singapore in 2007, KOI Thé has opened approximately 500 stores mainly in East Asia. In Japan, a total of eight stores have been developed since the opening of the roadside store in Okinawa in 2015.
In cooperation with our company, they are actively going to open stores with a store area of about 10-25 tsubo, mainly in metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Osaka.